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Thread: Duck Hunter And The Gamewarden

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    A duck hunter was out in the woods gathering his things and getting ready to head home after a long day.Suddenly,he is approached by a gamewarden from the brush.Hello there the gamewarden says,having any luck today?The hunter says,yes,been a pretty good day.Gamewarden:can I have a look in your hunting bag?Hunter:sure,I got just the 3 ducks in there.Gamewarden:ah,yep,yep,sure enough 3,lets see.The gamewarden pulls out the 1st duck,looks at it and then shoves his finger up the ducks ass...pulls it out and,this heres a virginia have a virginia hunting license?The man gives him a long strange look then pulls out his wallet and produces a virginia hunting license.Gamewarden:yep,yep,everythings in order.The gamewarden then pulls the 2nd duck out of the bag...looks at it and sticks his finger up this ducks ass too.Pulls it out and says,hm,that theres a north carolina duck,you have a north carolina hunting license?The hunter is looking pretty baffled by now but goes through his wallet and pulls out an NC hunting license.Gamewarden:yep,yep,everythings in order here.He pulls the last duck out,looks at it and sticks his finger up the ducks ass,pulls it out and says,this heres a Maryland duck,you have a maryland hunting license?The hunter, getting a little frustrated now goes through his wallet again and produces a maryland hunting license.Gamewarden:yep,yep,ok,everything looks have all of these hunting licenses from different states,just exactly where are you from?The hunter looks at him,turns around,drops his pants and bends over saying..youre so goddamn smart you tell me?LoL

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    Rusty but a good one.


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