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Thread: Ripping Music

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    Hi there. i know that kazaa has some serious infiltration problems but i believe that it is a program with lots of popularity, and because of this reason i keep finding music that is not in soulseek, specialy because it is a popular program for very hard to find music, non comercial and cultural. I have some musci i want to rip, but i dunno what program to do it with. i like windows media, but i need it done in mp3 for my cd walkman, and the best alternative seems to be muscmatch, but all it does is ask for me to pay some stupid fee i dont agree with, becuase most of the features are not necesary. Maybe there are some good ripping progz out there, so i decided to ask you smart ppl here in tha klite forum (lol im an ass) to anwer my question. ya this is a nice forum specialy for clearing out some questions that we were all afraid to ask, if u cant find it, try the klite forum!
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    The best IMO: Easy CD-DA Extractor


    Isn't free though, just use the trial until you find a crack/keygen.

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    i love easy cd extractor , its the best for my computer . Maybe it sounds different on yours. Remember to make the mp3s in VBR mode that way they aint big but they will be high quality or just rip at 320kbs dang it , i dont care . ill wait a whole year for high quality music hehehe

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    dbpoweramp is the best ripper i've come across
    free too...
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