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Thread: Freddy Vs Jason

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    Does anyone know whats the best quality version for freddy vs jason whats the file name

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    Freddy Vs Jason DaDuck (TCR)

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    the tcr-fvj1.avi and tcr-fvj2.avi one's are much higher quality. If you have adsl or cable than get them. I checked them with avi preview great quality. The other version above is alot more blocky looking

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    i would say daduck also. Its compressed to avi from 2 mpegs, so theres gonna be some quality loss, but its not that noticeable. But personally i prefer to wait for the dvd screener to come'll do the fight scenes justice. Its not that clear in any version IMO.

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    yep the DaDuck is the best 4 now, it's looks gud, not DVD quality but it's worth the download..

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    Have you looked at the ones i just mentioned? the difference between them and the daduck version is very noticable but it is twice as big also.

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    well, i know the ones i downloaded were a pile of crap! Could hardly make the picture out

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    the daduck version i downloaded was semi good but i deleted it rather than keep it on dvd as i want to get the dvd version or rip instead.


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