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Thread: new site everybody welcome :)

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    Hi everybody just thought i would let everybody know that we have opened a new site simply because we found most sites full of the same releases and not enough good old classic games and movies is the site and we have had a couple of problems with hit and runs but thats something you know is going to happen over the first 2 weeks of opening

    if you want to come and share your classic games or anything that you wouldnt mind sharing with the rest then please do come along

    signup limit = 1000 (then we start to dig out the bad users)
    invites = 2000 (once doors are shut its invite only)

    torrents are also coming from seedboxes (most) so good speeds

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    I have a few questions. Is the site only for movies and games or is it a general tracker?
    If you'd like to have older stuff on there, are the files unrared then?

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    Good luck with your site .

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    the tracker is very new at the moment and we are not aiming to try and compete with the big trackers out there but we do have 1 good thing about our site and that is we want a small nice community that can anything they want without the hasstle of asking if its ok to share something really

    the tracker so far has a mix of everything and we are open to suggestions also

    some files will be unrared since releases these days are normally iso images (ie bluray releases)

    we dont have rules against uploading torrents that are not rared up but it is better to have it like that tbh

    if you have something that you find hard to upload anywhere else then give me a post here or on our forum and i'll more than surely add that categorie for you
    Friendly torrent site with great classics

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    P.S. don't waste your time

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    Not a bad lil site, looks better than half the crap out there. Just needs a few dedicated uploaders and a good bit of leaching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N2bnfunn View Post
    P.S. don't waste your time
    thanks for the suggestions to making it better

    its a new site and if you came thinking there would be hundreds of torrents with plenty of seeders then welcome to the world of starting a new site lol

    let me guess you got there and found nothing that interested you ?

    so why not just post something that will help and not just post something useless ?

    Not a bad lil site, looks better than half the crap out there. Just needs a few dedicated uploaders and a good bit of leaching.
    thanks very much we are trying to get some mixed stuff up so its not all the same type of stuff and its getting hard while theres so many hit and runs and the seedbox is full so we cant get the new releases up cause we cant stop the torrents on the seedbox lol

    thanks for the post
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    Friendly torrent site with great classics

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    nice to see anew site not many sites open with seedboxes got 2 things on there at very quick speeds and to the guy that said dont waste time what do u expect on anew tracker man stick to newsgroups as thats the only place u wud be welcome

    ps to the staff there good job hope u do well

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    good luck in ur site

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    gl man, u'll need it.

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