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Thread: Mirc

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    I am looking for teh following file on irc
    So i have gone to this site and did a search for teh file, now alot of places seem to have the file, and i know i click on the irc:// button to get into irc, but once i get into the room how do i search all the users for that one file? Please help me as i cant find this full file anywhere

    Thanks for your time

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    Jun 2003
    Greenock, Scotland
    !find or @find or !search or @search

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    ok i went into the first result on the above website and tried everything, but still nothing happened

    * Now talking in #MediaManiaXxX
    * Topic is 'wanna rip xxx dvd/divx ? pm me'
    * Set by JimG! on Sat Sep 13 09:38:38
    <p2p599374> &#33;find
    <p2p599374> @find
    <p2p599374> &#33;search
    <p2p599374> @search
    This should be easier.

    Do i have to type that in a pm to a user or in the main room?

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    shit, damn clip board
    ill try it again

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    ok i went to another channel, the 9th one down in the first link

    and did the same thing(but with the peoper file name )

    * Now talking in #VORTEX
    * Topic is &#39;-bottler NEW:[Crackerjack DVD][Bruce Almighty DVD][View from the top DVD][Legally Blonde 2 DVD ][Down With Love DVD][Finding Nemo DVD ][ X2 X Men DVD][Dumb And Dumberer DVD][The Hulk DVD][The In-laws DVD][Matrix Reloaded DVD]&#39;
    * Set by PiRaTe on Fri Sep 12 13:12:47
    -Vortex- Please join the network chat channel #main :-)
    * sangohansupersayan15 has quit IRC (Leaving)
    <p2p5993741> &#33;find Bill.Bailey.-.Bewilderness.(Comedy.2001).DivX.DVD-Rip.CthragSardius.avi
    * FMJ has joined #VORTEX
    * miffe has joined #VORTEX
    <p2p5993741> @find Bill.Bailey.-.Bewilderness.(Comedy.2001).DivX.DVD-Rip.CthragSardius.avi
    * ilan has left #VORTEX
    * tompo has joined #VORTEX
    * miffe has left #VORTEX
    <p2p5993741> &#33;search Bill.Bailey.-.Bewilderness.(Comedy.2001).DivX.DVD-Rip.CthragSardius.avi
    * akuretsuzan has joined #VORTEX
    <p2p5993741> @search Bill.Bailey.-.Bewilderness.(Comedy.2001).DivX.DVD-Rip.CthragSardius.avi
    * Moltavia has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
    Still nowt

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    Jun 2003
    Greenock, Scotland
    you would refcieve pms from people with the file in a diff window check at the side if any new windows appear

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    nope, i tried using ircspy and its not there, i guess ill just have to do with emule for now, even though noone has the full file


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