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Thread: Why ??? No reaction....

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    THE Joker for his getaway, he has a minion back a school bus into the bank, severely damaging the bank. He loads up the money, drops a smoke grenade and leaves, Scot free. The bus joins a long line of school buses going by and the cops are never the wiser. But I couldn't help but wonder why the bus the joker's bus pulls in front of never seems to have any reaction. WHY NO REACTION???

    A swerve perhaps, something to note that "holy crap an indestructible bus just pulled out of the bank."

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    Not to sound flip tisha but because it's a movie.
    If you are going to worry about realism you might as well ask why is Batman able to defy the Laws of physics and gravity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IdolEyes787 View Post
    Not to sound flip tisha but because it's a movie.
    Just so.

    I originally saw TDK in IMAX and was overwhelmed by the spectacle and acting, the sheer momentum and pacing.
    Subsequent viewings at home have revealed the shaky underpinnings- tisha's cited scene being only one of many- but I wonder how fair, or even useful, such criticism is.

    Every movie requires the viewer enter into a contract with the filmmaker, superhero movies have an even more extensive contract.
    Either sign on or don't but once having bought into the premise, applying logic to the results will be fatal to any film.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    Such a summary could not be bettered.

    The movie, logic aside, is quite the stunner.


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