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Thread: Kds Lcd

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    what does everythink of this lcd? even tho im using it already i just want to know what u think of it..

    $240 - 15inch


    im trying to adjust it... since the words seem to have shadows behind it...

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    seems like a small screen for that much money. im staying with crt.. much better quality.
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    Use LCDs only if you don&#39;t have the desk space.

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    i fixed it up n the quality is better then yesterday ... my parents dont like crts they say it takes up too much room... when my other crts break they are going to change it all the lcds... this one is 15inch but the screen is like 14.1 inch so itz still pretty large... not as large as 19inch crts of course...

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    LCT&#39;s are better displaying becuase they dont lag, but that doesn&#39;t necessarily mean it&#39;s good to your eyes.

    if you wanna use eyes for the rest of your life, i&#39;d suggest a good LCD monitor

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    CRT monitors will always be better than LCD monitors

    That, my friends, is a [technical] fact

    LCDs are passive. CRTs are active.

    CRT monitors have a faster response time. the image is less blurry and
    more realistic.

    CRTs have a lifespan of 3-4 times that of an LCD.

    Right now, and for awhile to come, CRTs are a [much]better buy.

    LCDs look cool and are good for saving desktop space....


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