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Thread: I need a bithq invite

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    Big thx

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    This site opens very regularly for new users. Keep checking the open sign ups thread as I'm sure you'll get at least one chance in the next month.

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    Im affraid it is not so easy,

    as far as I know they`ve changed rules - to get an invite you have to buy it (bitz bonus) and only invited people may join...

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    mbewe is right, it is much harder to get into BitHQ now. There will never be an open signup day again. Invites are no longer handed out when being "promoted" on the site either, you must buy them with bitz. Mine did carry over tho, so I still have a lot left

    Anyways, the main big rule change is people you invite you are accounted for. So if you fuck up and get banned then the person who invited you will also get into trouble (dunno if they will straight ban them too), so yea... if you want someone to give you an invite you need to make a more respectable request other than "big thx". Post some ratios and a speedtest and someone might invite you.
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    pm me


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