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Thread: Perceptions

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    Jan 2003
    I am interested in how people may percieve things. Given the same evidence I would think that we do not all see things the same way.

    I put myself up as an experiment. Please describe who and what you think I am. Please do not be influenced by what others have said or say.

    e.g what colour, age, height weight do you think I am. What do you think I do for a living.

    Like I said I would be interested in knowing what you think.

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    Jun 2003
    The Netherlands
    I would imagine you being tartan coloured (Mckay clan), a middle-aged, going gray at the sides, schoolteacher. About 6 feet tall, weight, 12 stone 8 ounces.

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    I would keep with the schoolteacher thing, but not one that wears the same suit everyday to class. Middle-aged to late 60īs, 14 stone. Colour? A hazy pinkish.

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    Hobbit Shire
    i would say a refined 47yr old, with a smoking jacket and pipe.
    you like to spend your evenings hiding from the wife and kids,
    so you sit in front of the computer in the attic eating worthers originals and drinking brandy.

    in the morning you get up and put your wellies on and go tend to your farm,
    after which you sit down to nice cuppa and read the independant and grumble about inflation and immigration.

    am i close?
    They can tak' oour lives, but they cannae tak' oour troousers!
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    i take you for a well spoken scottish gent prolly in his mid thirties, average build, easily misunderstood ('specially down the boozers). not sure what you do for a living, as whatever it is if anything, allows you to spend so much time here. i dont think you would intentionally, without reason try to fuch anybody off.

    i dont try to read too much in to anyones posting, 'cos it's easy to be well off the mark. this place is my first internet experience and i suppose its just natural to build up a mental picture of someone.

    if i had to sum you up in three words it would be 'clever scots lad'.

    but your gunna tell me your german, aint ya

    edit - an important comma for JP

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    would imagine you being tartan coloured (Mckay clan), a middle-aged, going gray at the sides, schoolteacher. About 6 feet tall, weight, 12 stone 8 ounces.

    My Perception of JP

    Black Hair, thick black stuble, smokers breath, Scottish voice, and a crazy eyes u know like that crazy guy from Trainspotting i also think JP works in IT mayb fixing computers,

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    Jan 2003
    Sorry lilmiss, don't want to influence anyone's thinking.

    What people percieve themselves is the point here.

    If you want to do someone else please feel free to do so. Remember people aren't always what they claim to be. So how do you see your friends here.

    Remember FC is really a Widow woman from Canadia, with 4 cats. See a thread from long ago, in a far distant galaxy.

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    I THINK you are retierd, don't want to say old but you got some experience under your belt , hight and weight no clue and i'm going for white

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    i'd venture a guess at:

    50-60 years old
    relatively tall, 6 feet or so
    average weight, 12 stone
    relatively affluent (must be to afford that car of yours...)
    no idea about job
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    mayb JP cud b a Retired Drug Dealer

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