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Thread: Wanna know when a movie is released in the format you want?

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    Well, so do i, so that's why i added the feature

    I'll usually see a cool film that i want, so i search for it on usenet, but find that it's too new to be available for download in a decent format such as 1080p. By the time it gets released i've forgotten all about it, so i end up missing a quality film.

    So i have written the alerts feature and added it to dvdspider - just find the film you want over at, copy n paste the url into the alerts app, add your email and choose the format you want.

    As soon as your chosen film is released in the format you want, the alerts app will email you as soon as it's fully released on usenet! It links you to the direct page at dvdspider so you can view all the usual imdb info, see the nfo, etc.

    I hope you find it useful, i've already queued in about 20 1080p's

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    thanks man, uesful

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    Thank you.. Just what i was looking for

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    No worries, if you can think of any other ideas you'd like to see just let me know

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    Good idea thanks


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