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Thread: Sharing accounts good or bad? What do you think?

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    As we all know torrent is about sharing, but does that reach the point of sharing your accounts with your friends?! and is that legal or illegal? Why? And what are your thoughts?

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    lol its easy question:
    first if there is any rule that dsnt allow u to share ur acct then nono

    second i think accounts were imagine for 1 person werent they? so 1 acct per 1 person

    but there are some aspects that arent easy to understand for example if i share the info for my friend from my pc, but if i dloaded it from the site that dsnt allow me to share it, that itll be illegal


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    if he is from same country and maybe has same ISP i think it would be ok

    don't forget to mention in the profile that you are sharing

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    TTi clearly says you can share it.
    i've shared only a couple of accounts ever, and it was not even truly sharing. i gave it to my RL friend to use it, and when he got an invite in my account i'd send him.
    I remember we were taking coffee and i was pissing him to be more active hehe.
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    I think noone would have thought about this 4 years ago. Now the BT world has evolved and we have to show off by our ultra buffered accounts. So let's share'em with a friend.

    Tbh, I've never shared an account with a friend and I don't plan to. I don't have many RL friends that are into BT, though.

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    it depends on the tracker's rules.

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    I think it should be 1 acc per person per life.

    It all depends of the tracker rules. KG allows up to 3 ips, I think that TT and SCT allows sharing as well. Usually if you trust a someone to share you acc with, you could at least try to get him/her an invite to the tracker.
    One more thing: nowadays torrents is not only about sharing and community. it's about long "e-dicks" (how most of you love to call it), about levels, seedboxes and huge buffered account and not least about money...

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    It's against most sites rules, but if it's opinion you want, then I really don't see the hurt in letting an IRL friend download stuff on your account (emphasis on IRL). I probably would not do this, because of the risk of getting banned, but that doesn't mean I agree with the rule.

    Like mentioned above, not being allowed to share with a friend does kinda go against the whole idea of sharing.

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    During new years I let my wife's cousin pick a few things to download on a few sites. I imagine as long as you are there with them you could share it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Detale View Post
    During new years I let my wife's cousin pick a few things to download on a few sites. I imagine as long as you are there with them you could share it.
    yea id only share it if i was with them.

    Quote Originally Posted by sefo View Post
    ! and is that legal or illegal? ?
    yea its totally legal lol,
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