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Thread: Tmpgenc & Cce 2.5

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    hi all

    right Cinema Craft Encoder 2.5 Can do multipass VBR (Mine Is Currently At 4 Pass)
    My Ques Is can TMPGEnc do more than 2 pass VBR I have looked but have had no success

    surely cce would give better results B-cos it analyzes the film 4 ( or more) times
    rather than just 2 (im saying this bit B-cos everyone seems to use TMPGEnc)

    Answers and Opinions Appreciated opinions on the 2 encoders especially

    oh by the way i encode SVCD not vcd dunno if this is important

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    TMPGenc can't do 4-passes.

    CCE produces better quality. Not only because of the 4-passes, but also because of better algoritmns. But CCE is also slower.

    TMPGenc is easier to use, so more newbie-friendly.


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