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Thread: X Files Season 6 - Suprnova

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    My mate downloaded this, and his episode 16 has no sound, i am currently downloading it now, and wondered if it is the same in each version, or would i have sound in mine. I had a look, and it seems the sound is the same code as all the other episodes, so i am conflicted

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    I've had similar strange problems. I found using BSPlayer and other codecs-packs have fixed these. However, i still get some strange problems (with the sound, or visual) is when I move a file from location to location, sometimes windows media stops recognizing the file type and the thumbnail preview vanishes, anyone have any idea why that is?

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    the sound is missing from that episode. the lunk-head who seeded it didn't check the files for problems before posting them.

    episode 616 is completely missing the sound, and the sound is out of sync on the rest of them. you have to use VirtualDub to fix the sync prob on all of the other season 6 files, by changing the frame rate from 29.97 to 29.95 and then saving a direct stream copy (i.e. not a re-encode).

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    Cheers guys, any idea of the best place to get episode 16?


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