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    Can I get pm access now?.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moraldo View Post
    Can I get pm access now?.

    U need to do 2 or more post
    Only ,Dragoi92

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    Not spam like "really" it takes a while and I think it's 5 posts but Im not sure. If you're looking for the BT section

    Requirements To Access BT Invites Section
    To Read And Post In The BitTorrent Invites Section
    • You must be a member at FST for 30 days.
    • You must make at least 2 posts on the forum.

    This lets new members get familiar with the site and the other members.
    After 30 days it takes an hour for your account to update.
    You will have a star below your title when updated...

    DO NOT send Private Messages asking for invites.
    Those that do may be BANNED from the site.


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