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Thread: What Song Is This?

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    I got these lyrics from somebody's profile but I dunno what's it's called, can anybody help me out?

    so america is hellbent? i think its just bush w/ all this money he's spent

    osama bin laden, iranian war..sendin out the troops..really, wuts it all for?

    oh man, where's my USA pride? i should think of the 11th ; all those people who died

    well i admit i was sad ; shed a few tears, but im not gunna sit here & proclaim all my fears

    im not afraid of dying, i welcome the idea..but if you're gunna kill me, you better come here

    im not going to foreign soil ; sendin out my men, to find a little ; say 'oh look we win'

    so whats the point in pride of a free country

    if we only come together if we're threatened, but we're never really free?

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    decent lyrics, i hope its a hard rock or punk song


    /edit did you ask the person who had that in their profile?

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    those are some crazy lyrics.. let us know when you find out.
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