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Thread: Acronis Disk Director Suite really doesn't like me.

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    I used it twice to resize the partition I had vista installed. The primary one I use. I wanted to do this to move all of the files to the front of the drive, so I could make a large and contiguous Truecrypt file... locked files are a bitch, and this method of moving them to the front of the drive was suggested on another forum.

    Twice I tried I resizing my primary (only) partition with vista to the minimum size Acronis allowed me, but after rebooting and going through the whole moving file process, vista couldn't boot up because something was missing or corrupted... Vista's attempts to repair itself (using the CD) failed and I had to reformat the whole damn thing - twice. Does anyone know why this happens?

    I don't really care for one large partition anymore; I'm just going to make two partitions. Do you guys think 40GB is enough for vista? I'm only going to have my programs and games installed... no music, videos, ebooks, et cetera... they'll be somewhere else.
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