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Thread: Can You Help Me Please

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    i recently went to a pc fair to get my ps2 chipped and i saw on a pc someone who had tuned into satalite tv through windows media player and was selling something to do it

    can i download a programme to do it?

    please reply thanks in advance

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    Wrong forum .

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    geting acsess to a satilight thruogh wmp? never herd of that before but im very interested so ill check into that 1 if i find nethin gill post it

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    he probably had a program like "worldtv" or ctube" or something like that works through windows media player and u can watch tv from countries all over the world

    i have ctube installed and i watch HBO on it..chews up the bandwith though

    You wont find a crack for the latest version of these sort of programs..ive been searching for about 2 months ..the earlier versions u get not many good channels(60)..the payed for versions are the better channels etc

    @ Sharedholder..i think it fits under software cause its a program


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