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Thread: Seedbox - 12 $

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    Can you tell me a good site that offer seedbox and the cost will be 12$... Thanks.

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    here's 1 but is not 12$ is 12.99$

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    between X and Y axis

    you can try this one too. he is looking for one person.

    the price is exactly 12..but it's EURO

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    I currently have a torrentseeding account and it is ok. The problem is they use kimsufi and share it 6 ways. While this would be ok if it was an XL or better account it is not and there are frequent server load issues. For the price there is nothing more affordable, but it is not without its headaches. Also you can not delete files via FTP so make sure you delete them from the webui. IF you are willing to put up with the headaches it is a great price and will do the trick. However if i can find better service for $25 in the near future I probably will switch.

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    154 and are pretty decent. I've been using Biohost and although i've had a couple of hours of downtime i've managed near 600GB in two weeks and that was with only a small amount of seeding.

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    You can get 3 torrents 10GB for $9
    or 6 torrents 35GB.

    just pm me


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