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Thread: Somebody from Midnight-torrents plz contact me!!

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    I got the banhammer? I cannot find an IRC room anywhere.
    My ratio was over 4.0, I was barely even getting any torrents from there, most of the torrents I seeded came from ipt. But I was relying on midnight-torrents for games. If somebody at midnight sees this plz talk to me.

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    I don't think M-T's CRs are here.

    Try their IRC instead.
    If you are not able to get in you can try using BitGamer first, for the new scene releases I'm sure you'll be able to find them there.

    Good luck! You can always reply again if you've got any other inquiries.

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    Thx +rep. I will take your advice and check out bitgamer. The above irc was non existent when I tried last night.

    Sucky thing about all this is I was hours away from a Blackats invite when they pulled all the invites a few weeks ago.

    When my friend with the blackats account gets invites again I will be all set.

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    Really? Well, sorry for that I guess for giving false information.

    BCG's referrals will be soon open again when the user ranking system completes.

    Got to love the drunken stoi.

    And if you don't got a seedbox then BCG is a great tracker, just seeding a torrent for a particular time will slowly get you up onto a ratio of 1.

    Here's the latest annoucement from Blackcat's.

    Over the following days and week, a new class and SP system will be put into affect. In order to do it without any calamities, all Power Users, Super Power Users and Uploaders will be put to User status. The only member classes that will be in effect are Kitty Litter, User and VIP. All staff classes will remain the same.

    Some will lose a little functionality from the site but you will still be able to download and browse without any problems. As all classes can upload, this will not be an issue either.

    When the script that will put you to User class is ran, it will PM to notify you that this is what has happened. there is no need to spam the staff with questions like, 'why was i demoted'?

    We will keep you fully informed of actions taken and hope we can get this sorted as quick as poss. Hit the forums to discuss and find out more info.
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    Hmmmm changed their URL

    try - might just be a case of you not having the right url.

    but if you were banzorred then

    Irc details are: port 6667

    You will need to register a nick with nickserv.

    then join either #HELP or #midnight-torrents

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    Yea dude I def got the hammer. Off to plea my case. Thx for the info.


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