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Thread: Have an XP Pro Key, but no Install Disc

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    Along similar lines to Silverdales, I have a laptop I'm trying to get up and running....

    This has an XP Pro key on the usual windows sticker on the bottom of the machine, but there are no install discs and the HD in it was a new one so nothing to recover...

    I was given a copy of XP Pro done by Team eth0 (XP Pro Student Edition) and although it installs, it won't recognize the XP Pro key on the laptop sticker.

    Is there anyway to find out which style of XP Pro I need to get hold of that will accept the laptop key (a quick search of newsgroups throws up loads of different versions !!!!)

    Alternatively, should I simply use the key that came with the eth0 version ?

    After installing and using their key, I connected to the MS Update center and went through an initial validation fine and got hold of all latest updates (ignoring the latest versions of WGA).

    I also read up on methods of changing the key after install and tried this but that didn't work. However, running the MGADiag.exe tool using the eth0 key does result in it saying the key is genuine, so if I just stick with this, will that give me any hassle in future and if so, what should I avoid doing ?

    The Laptop is for my parents so I don't want to lumber them with anything they can't handle in future....

    Any advice gratefully received....

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    Team Etho is always bang on , use that key .

    We have to be careful with these kind of posts , I feel bad as I shot my mouth off and I'm probably looking at a moderation point or ban . If you just google or search this forum its all there .

    If a mod feels like closing ? Two members that joined in 2005 ,and now want help ... 100 posts between them .
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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    The key on the sticker is for an OEM version.
    If you want your parents to be legal then download & install an XP Pro OEM disc.
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    Cheers peat & chewie.... Will have a gander for an OEM disc or just go with what I have.....


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