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Thread: Next Best To K-lite?

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    I enjoy k-lite too that possable?
    However, are there any other good P2P progs. out there?
    I've tried a few and nothing compairs... is there an equal out there?
    maybe something...forgive me....better?

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    I download mainly movies...what one would be good for this...

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    If you love movies and games Bittorrent is #1 ,irc is good and so are newsgroups.

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    I would say the warez sites that i know of. The best and you always get what you want.

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    Direct connect if you have a big HD. if not then DC++

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    what is warez? i hear that it has good files what are the sites?

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    What are newsgroups? too....

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    newsgroups distribute files by splitting up files into 14mb subfiles......u get some software 4 it e.g. from and then use various sites to find the required newsgroup that has the movie or whatever you r looking 4

    i can't use them cos i live in a hick town and use a hick adsl service

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    Originally posted by AtmosOC@14 September 2003 - 22:16
    what is warez? i hear that it has good files what are the sites?
    Warez means getting the programs, movies ect for free, there are alot of sites who call themselves warez but alot are just scams where you vote thousands of times, sign up to porn sites and get a dead link for your troubles.

    The only good warez is from forums and a few sites, where they have direct http and ftp links.

    I would'nt consider k-lite to be the best as it lacks a few features like error correction and partial filesharing, but it's good for newbies.

    The best depends on what you want and when,

    Newsgroups are good but only if they have good retention rates, ISP's tend to have poor retention rates but you can pay for ones on the net which are far better.

    Bittorent is quite good but it rely's on having seeders(people with the complete file) and the tracker(the main server/computer cpu), both of which can vary which also means your speed will vary as well.

    At the moment i prefer to use Shareaza because you can also use ed2k links with it on the three main networks it supports g1, g2 and edonkey.

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    Ok so I took your info and went with it with bitorrent the speeds are good. however, I'm having problems finding torrent sites to get files... could someone please help me with that.....
    also DC & DC ++ what is this i can't seem to find what i need...
    thank you for all your imput... hope there is more to come.

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