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Thread: Tv Card Help

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    I got this Winfast Pro XP card and everything works fine except I cant connect my VCR to it. I just got a TEAC VCR, does anyone know how to connect them up?

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    Have you got these ?

    Thats the exact card as mine but mines a 2000

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    no, did these come with the card?

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    I got my card second hand and didnt get ne thing with it.

    you can hook up the vcr in these ways.

    You can connect the vcr with one of theose cables that connect straight from the video to your tv like the drawing at the top or connect it like the drawing at the bottom.

    if your gonna connect it like in the first drawing, All you need is an Male to femal RF cable (i think thats what they are called) but you know what ones im talking about and then you connect the audio out into the Mic or line in with this cable

    The bad thing connecting the vcr like this is that your gonna have to tune in the vcr and when you do the picture wont be as good as the second way.

    The second way is the best for picture quality and you dont have to tune it in. All you have to do is set it on composite channel.

    You need a set of these

    and then you need an adaptor that goes from rca to a plug that will connect to your sound card.

    If you want to listen to the radio your gonna have to set it up the first way to.


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