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Thread: "disk Full"

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    I tried downloading something using shareaza and after a while, 4 dls went to disk full. resume doesnt work to correct this. is it cuz of my hd 2 small? dont think so. i got a 74 gig hd and 64.4 is free. ive been lower. Is it cuz of small virtual memory? I just dunno. I set virtual memory to be 650 megs to 740 megs. Whats the problem? im signin off now so i cant answer anyones questions reguarding my problem. Any help is appreciated. also, only some of my downloads did this. not all of em

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    most likely a bug...i had this happen to emule+, but it appears to be fixed. I'm guessing shareaza has the same problem. Just restart it and try again.

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    Is you`r shareazza the newiest version? If not update it..

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    It might be the DAT:s are read as full size files when they aren't, that happened to me once(don't know why, might be an ms bug), if you've got loads of unfinished dl:s, it might work to remove 'em.


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