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Thread: Torrent seeding GA

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    Hidey ho guys, seeing as a few people on here have been requesting seedboxes i'll try and help out.

    I've got a spare seedbox account. It's on a gbit line but only has 2.5GB space. Therefore i'm offering you guys the opportunity to seed some torrents on it for you guys.

    Max size is ~700MB (I.e. a Movie) due to the small space available. I'll seed it for say 6hours and/or a 5.0 ratio. Yeah this isn't much but it should give those with crap connections a chance to get a bit of a buffer going.

    One thing is that i can't take one movie from a large pack and seed it there, this account doesn't seem to let me do that.

    If this is popular i'll keep the first post edited with the space available i.e. if it says 1100MB free i can seed one movie and one tv show.

    Obviously this requires a bit of trust. I have no need whatsoever to steal passkeys, my accounts are buffered nicely and i'm not that type of person. Anyhow post here with the size of the torrent you need buffered and ill PM you This is available till the 08/02/09.

    400MB Free
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    702,30 mb. most smalest torrent from thevault that falls under ur freespace. i have not good ratio and i cant seed well only there of all of my trackers

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    698 mb from BMTV

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    700 mb from tti


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