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Thread: John Mayer

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    has anyone found the right one wihtout the screech noises? same with the ataris song - boys of summer???

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    The whole album is on Soulseek (John Mayer, that is). See the pinned topic.

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    Jibbler also posted this. John Mayer - Heavier Things

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    One more thing, the song is called "Bigger Than My Body" not "Bigger Than My Mind"

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    oh yeah....hahaha........ and yeah, i don't know nor have i ever used soulseek......

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    Look at GS's guide on using soulseek. It is worth a look. Soulseek Guide

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    okay, thanks, i'll check it out later in the week

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    [SIZE=7]You can get the whole cd in 192 bitrate here21centurymp3s


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