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Thread: Selling a seedbox slot

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    I was using a seedbox which I don't need anymore now. I want to sell it

    the specifications are:

    50-60 gb hdd
    unlimited no. of torrents
    100 mbit bandwidth shared between 4 people
    webUI, VNC and FTP included
    VALID TILL 10TH FEB 2009

    As the bandwidth is shared between 4 people, don't expect fancy speeds. Since the time I have been using the seedbox, I am getting consistent speeds of 3-4 MB/s up and 6-7 MB/s down if all your torrents are well leeched/seeded. The maximum number of torrents I ran simultaneously was 48. No problems at all. If you want proof of upload speed, I can send you about 10 screenshots with upload speeds about 3 MB/s and above. Those screenshots were taken between a gap of 1-2 days.

    The price is 10 USD. I want a quick deal. You will get 2 weeks on the seedbox from now if you buy it immediately.

    Edit: Sold
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