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Thread: Monty Python The Meaning Of Life(real Copy Please)

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    any1's got the hash for Monty Python's The meaning of life.....
    i know there r loads of hashes for the movie here but they r all fakes of a movie called the permanent crimson assuarance.......

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    This guy really made me laugh...

    Anyway, the files you have downloaded with the Permanent Crimson Assurance in the beginning are actually Meaning of Life. The Pythons weren't sure where PCA would fit in in the movie itself, so they stuck it at the beginning and it had small cameos throughout the rest of the film. Originally Permanent Crimson Assurance was supposed to be a 5-minute cartoon.

    So, no, the files aren't fake...however, they're probably all VHS rips since the mass-produced DVD just came out. The original DVD's were selling for $80 online until the new one came out with all the extras.

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    coz i searched for permanent red assuarance on imdb n it showed a movie of the same me was confused

    n i didnt download the whole movie....i was jus previewin the start wid AVI preview..

    thnx anyways

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    His movies look soooooo boaring.

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    n i jus read the start of the script of the movie to make sure i was not downloadin a fake.....n the script strated wid two fishes tokin.......

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    I prefer the Holy Grail.

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