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Thread: Why Stop The Riaa

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    I'll try to keep this a short as possible.

    If you stop the music producers (who the RIAA represent) from protecting their business interests, then the business will no longer be viable.

    If there is no copyright protection everyone will just share everything. Not just by things like K++, but by direct links to web pages, ftp sites etc. These are much faster and more reliable.

    The music industry business model will collapse. If that is what you want that's great. But rest assured it is not what the bulk of the population wants. You may all like to support the local artist and buy from independent labels (the majority of whom are probably members of RIAA), but the bottom line is that most people don't. They buy popular music, from music stores, take it home and listen to it on their nice wee CD player.

    The bottom line is, no matter how many sabres you rattle or drums you beat you cannot win this. You have neither the popular support or the political lobby. So why not just download your music, have fun and stop wasting valuable time tilting at windmills.

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    I disagree, there are most deffinatley middle grounds...
    Read ALL Links through...

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    I understand your point JPaul but if the RIAA have it their way P2P will be gone forever all we want is P2P not the crappy direct downloads and shit just P2P we want alive. Everything will be ok then. Alot of bands support P2P.

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    The RIAA could have embraced this new technology as a new way of distributing media. But NOOOOOOO. they chose to attack their very customers.

    I say fukem!

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    Excuse me for just finding this forum , I've been up all night reading everything and realize I'm reinventing the wheel .
    What I need to know now is , how can we get the websites for the petitions and boycott information out of this forum and into the public eye.
    Maybe some of us can put articles in the newspapers listing these websites.
    I had to dig to find them , and most interested people , are probably missing them.
    I suppose this is a grass roots thing , like marijuanna prohibition . And we simply need to write the websites down and pass them out to our friends and neighbors .
    What exactly is everyone concerned doing , to be effective ??

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    Petitions are not effective, especially not in todays world where you can get a saying 'ban cheese' or some shit with 30,000 signatures. Boycotts are easy, just don't buy CDs any more, and maybe write a letter for your local editorial page about why other people shouldn't buy them any more either.

    As to the original post, I don't think P2P will totally kill the recording industry. If it dismantles the RIAA, I'd love it. But I'm sick of MTV, and I'm sick of changing to 3 different radio stations and hearing the same song ON ALL THREE AT THE SAME TIME. If the industry does die I won't be crying.

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    I think the biggest problem are ppl who sell music copies, these are the one who cost the RIAA themost money because ppl spend it on them instead to the labels.

    As for me I still buy CDs and I couldnt afford buying more anyway so the RIAA isnt loosing money from me its rather gaining because of the new artists I discover through P2P.

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    From David Draiman, a member of the band 'Disturbed':

    "This is not rocket science--instead of spending all this money litigating against kids who are the people they're trying to sell things to in the first place, they have to learn how to effectively use the Internet."
    Draiman asserts that the actions taken by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) are protecting corporate profits, not artists: "For the artists, my ass...I didn't ask them to protect me, and I don't want their protection."

    Ways to go on and support arists without the RIAA (even legally):


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