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Thread: Upcoming BLIZZARD dishes, New TOTAL WAR epic to hit shelves soon

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    Diablo III
    This game will be out late 2009, according to BlizzCon estimates. It will most certainly be arriving after StarCraft II.
    For more info:

    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (Working Title)
    This game will be released in 3 waves, the first of which is the Terran campaign. The game is set to be released (approximately) in June 2009.
    Expect the Beta Testing to begin any time in the coming months.
    The release of StarCraft II will also mark the advent of 2.0, which will include some attractive new features for better (if that is at all possible) multi-player gameplay.
    For more info:

    Finally, the Total War series is releasing it's newest instalment: Empire: Total War in 3 distinct versions (all out by March 2009):

    1) Traditional Edition (simply the game) is retailing for 23,96 on
    2) Special Forces Edition (with some bonus materials) for 34,99 on, or
    3) Special Collector's Edition (Limited), includes a wooden box and hip flask, as well as a compass, and all the other limited materials from the SF Edition, for $160,00 NZ dollars on

    This game will feature full naval as well as the traditional land battles experienced in the earlier instalments of the series (Medieval II: Total War, Rome: Total War, Medieval: Total War and Shogun: Total War).
    It's gaming specs require, among other things, a 2.4GHz processor, a 256MB GPU and 1GB (XP) or 2GB (Vista) RAM. The trailer said it ran smoothly on i7, so you get the picture (current 920 Nehalem with a motherboard that supports it are retailing at around $500 US).

    Check for more info.

    Some Notes:
    Diablo III seems wildly entertaining, from the gameplay trailer I've managed to watch thus far. StarCraft II also shows some promissing game mechanics and graphics, both of these games being for a wide variety of systems, not requiring DX 10.0 for playback (i.e. they're being released for XP as well as Vista).

    Share your thoughts!

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    i surely hope they release DX10 patches, as i'm not very fond of having to play games in DX9 due to outdated OSes like XP.

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    Starcraft II is gonna be sick


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