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Thread: Nintendo DS flash card help

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    Hi! Everyone I have a CycloDS evolution flash card and would like to be able to play, GBA, NES, snes, etc.. with my CycloDS.

    I was woundering if the Eazy Flash 3in1 is the best way to go or get at m3realpackage to go with it. Also where is the best place to order them from Canada?



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    CycloDS Evolution "flash card"??? The Slot-1 card, right? I'm pretty sure "flash card" refers to the GBA slot. And I'm pretty sure that the CycloEvo didn't come as Slot-2.

    But anyway, you can use the No$GBA Emulator for GBA stuff. For NES stuff, use NesDS, for SNES use SNEmulDS. I know it's a pain to use different emulators, but that's what I do and have been too lazy to look up one that works with all of them.

    Dunno about the Canada stuff, either. Just stick with your CycloDS for now.


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