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Thread: Noob in need of guidance (Rapidshare & Megaupload)...

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    I've been using BitTorrent for quite a while now, but I am completely new to using Rapidshare/Megashare/etc...and I was hoping someone could help provide a little guidance for me (and yes, I've search these forums and Google for answers to my questions, but never really found anything that help me all that much).

    On a forums site like warez-bb, when someone posts a long list of rapidshare links (all of which are components of a larger file such as a movie) how does one go about downloading these linked items? Is it possible using a free rapidshare account, or is a premium account needed? Is there a firefox plugin or a download manager that can assist in making things a whole lot easier?

    Is there any way to click on a couple dozen links (such as can be found here) and then have those links open in new tabs, and then begin downloading all of the items (even if I have to manually go from tab to tab and click on a download button)...or will this not work because megaupload will notice that you're trying to download from the same IP? Will a premium account allow you to be able to do this?

    Can anyone provide me with a few really good starting point reference pages with lists of links from which I can download things like iPhone cracked apps, iPhone formatted movies, or regular higher-res movies?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated... We've all gotta start somewhere!


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    Did you read the thread pinned at the top of the forum?

    It looks like most of your questions are answered there. It sounds like if you just want to download a limited amount of material and are not concerned about how long it takes that a free account with a download manager will work. (Conversely if you want to download a lot and/or want the downloads quickly then you need a premium account). To find a download manager you can probably search in this forum for recommended ones--or do a Google search for something like
    Rapidshare "download manager"
    similarly for Mega Shares...

    But I have used neither--perhaps an expert will come along and answer your questions.
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