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Thread: What Is The Best Mp3 Player?

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    Sep 2003
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    I use WMP 9, the bass sounds great, but are there better MP3 players out there?

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    Apr 2003
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    winamp 2.something

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    Aug 2003
    Foobar if you want the bare minimum MP3 player

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    Jan 2003
    My vote goes to Quintessential Player

    As far as media players go, I have found few better than Quintessential Player.
    It is fully customisable, supports a variety of plugins and skins, plays all the major file formats, includes a graphical equalizer, has options to keep the player in the system tray, and much more.
    Best of all, it's not a strain on your PC. It never takes up more than 5% of CPU resources.

    It is completely free, too.

    Click here to visit the Quintessential Player website:
    Click here to download the latest version:

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    I like Winamp 2.91 = best sound, less resources used

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    i'm using winamp 2, nice and simple, low resources used

    i'm getting winamp 5 off those mirrors, the winamp site says nothing abotu version 5. i thought that 3 was still in testing. i take it version 5 is an alpha?

    i'll install it tonight, i've gotta put it onto cd becase i wanna install it on the other machine

    i just googled winamp 5, first thing i got:
    The first compile of the upcoming WinAmp audio player software has emerged. The WinAmp 5 aims to combine the good things of WinAmp 2 and 3, so therefore the version number has been bounced to 5 (2+3=5).

    The WinAmp 3 was a total failure by Nullsoft. Itís new features failed to attract the users. It was considered bloated and even unstable, so many were quick to revert back to the version 2. Nullsoft was fairly quick to realize their failure, so now they are giving it another go with the version 5

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    WinAmp 5.0
    theres no such thing

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    i still use wmp9 as my default mp3 player, however, i've been fiddling about with winamp as a replacement
    the problem i have with wmp9 is that it uses far too much of my system resources (approx 10% of my 2700 athlon cpu), even with visualisations off
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    Originally posted by smellmycomputer@14 September 2003 - 16:08
    i take it version 5 is an alpha?
    yeah so was v2.92 and v2.95 (i have all 3)
    they got leaked

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