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Thread: coupla questons please

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    1 has been answered already about why i can't pm yet...but let me ask this..if a member asks how to contact you and it is not a good idea to post your email address, what is the best way to let a member know how to contact you?

    the other, sometimes i have probs with the pages....I can browse, but sometimes I get a page not found, or a forbidden error in the normal forums I am accessing..I have to close the window, open another and go to the page and it is fine for a little this normal or is it a prob with my browser? thanks so much for the help..t

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    A) there's no safe way to do that here. that's the whole purpose of making you wait those 30 days.

    B) it happens to me also time to time a 403 FORBIDDEN. just wait a few secs and reload the page.

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    A) ^yup

    B) The answer is right on the front page -

    The FST group

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    Thanks Cabalo and again Skiz...i missed that on the front page and I am glad that it is not just me getting the 403 errors...not my computer anyway..thanks..t


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