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Thread: Soundcard

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    For my birthday i recieved Hercules XPS 510 speakers.When i opend the box and began to install in the instructions ands it said to place a cable into a black plug,and another cable in a orange plug.I have a MSI KN720 Pro motherboard with the intergrated sound and graphics and i only hav the green(speaker),blue(midi),pink(mic) and the orange(SPDIF out).But i dont have a black port is there a way to get passed this?or is there any soundcards out there which do the job for a decent price?
    Many thanks Monkeyhead

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    your speakers and soundcard both have the SPDIF connector? then you should use that, and you don't need to use the green or black ones at all. SPDIF is digital and the green/black are analogue, so the SPDIF should provide better fidelity.

    edit-- oh... i see the instructions told you to use the orange AND the black. hmm. never heard of that, personally. *shrug*

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    i done bit more research and with my motheboard i found there is a optinal cnr card avavlbe but where can i get it?

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    Sound Blaster Audigy platinium 6.1 is great & costed me 230 euros 1 year ago


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