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Thread: Help with uTorrent on Debian

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    Hello Guys,

    I have a LW server (debian), which I set up using the Guide here on FST.. It was working perfect.. but today I ran into a problem... I did a server reboot and after the reboot, I started the utorrent and all my torrents were gone..

    the data files are still there in the folder but uTorrent is blank...

    Please can someone help me out , tell me how to get the torrents back.. and If I Can't get them back then how can I avoid this situation in future.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Dumb, question but do you see in the left side of utorrent
    click on all and see if they come back

    Hope this helps
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    thanks for the reply..

    but the left side.. it says All (0)

    so , there are no torrents :S ..... i dunno, this is the first I setup on my own.. the other server I have wid slayer, u can reboot and ur torrents stay in uT
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    check if the physical torrent files are still there maybe? THe path to them should be

    /home/username/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/username/Application Data/uTorrent

    where username is the user id that vnc was started under.

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    the chances are that utorrent is just downloading them to a different folder now.
    see if you can search and find the files they are probably there and then just set utorrent to download to that path and restart it and you should be good.
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    well the download path was the same...

    the store .torrent was unchecked... I checked it now and assigned a folder to store the torrents...

    maybe that was the problem ? =S


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