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Thread: Regarding Seedbox | FTP structure

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    Having only weeks ago begun my seedbox subscription, I'm more curious to ask and learn about something in particular. Take this example as the topic of interest:

    A cable subscriber is behind a Comcast, Cablevision or rather any other U.S. Broadband providers network. Speeds are rather slow, or perhaps have been limited by the broadband provider due to one's participation on tracker websites. The seedbox now solves the speed restriction and bandwidth admin problem, but the following question remains... While one connects through FTP to their subscribed server space (domestic or abroad), and downloads or uploads tracker content, does the home cable provider still not see what you're using your bandwidth for? Should one expect to continuously have extremely high download rates through FTP if so? And lastly, is the content seen through FTP by the cable provider different versus when one downloads/uploads directly through the tracker?
    As always, greatly appreciate the help. Also, any articles, postings, comments, etc etc will be equally valued!


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    Well, use sftp and then they can't see what you are downloading.
    Change the port to something like 55234 from 22.
    But with comcast you will pay more after 250 gigs of bandwidth anyway


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