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Thread: Dvd Conversion

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    Irecently downloaded Die Another Day Movie in 2 parts.Part 2 has converted into DVD Format so that it can be played on External DVD Player.
    However when I try to convert Part 1 it converts UPSIDE DOWN although on the pc it plays normally anyone got an answer.
    John (everythingGen)
    You can email me at
    Hope some one has the solution

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    This is going to sound wierd, but this week I came up with a new way to convert all file formats painlessly and it seems to work perfectlly every time. All you need to do it is have Burning Nero, the K-lite full codec pack, and a simple little program already installed on your computer......called Windows Movie maker.
    Open windows media maker import the file you want to convert to burn, hit the button all, copy, then paste the clips on the bottom of the screen where your movie project is. Then hit save movie....set screen resolution. When it is done saving all you have to do is start up burning nero....and voila..when it's done you have a VCD ready to play on your DVD player.....No more TMPGENC involved!!! So far using this method it hs come out perfect every time!!

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    Canada, eh
    were do i find windows media maker on my computer?

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    Hyperspam, most ppl want DVD quality, not VCD quality

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    I copied and pasted file like you said. I went to save movie, but I didn't get the select resolution option. I saved it regardles. Am I suppossed to be saving the file from Windows Movie Maker to my computer? Once I save the file, what option on nero do I have to select before burning the file?

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    What version of movie maker are you using?

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    use arcsoft showbiz instead, it came with my xp home

    proud to be american

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    Did you paste the clips in to make the movie in the project area??? or were you just saving the collection. In burning nero just tell it to make a VCD and then add the movie file in. It should have been saved in the MY VIDEOS folder. Then tell it to burn, it can encode it and burn it then.

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    Originally posted by Grimlock@14 September 2003 - 16:57
    were do i find windows media maker on my computer?
    If you have XP you should be able to find it in your acessiories folder from the start menu. If it's not there you either need to add the program from the original disk or you don't have XP.

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    Has anyone had success using this method? I tried this but it did not work for me. I think I must have done something wrong. These are the steps I took, maybe someone can tell me where I went wrong. First I opened Windows Movie Maker, then imported the file, copied and pasted into the area where all the empty frames are at the bottom of Movie Maker. Then I went to File and save movie file... After I saved the file I opened up Nero and selected the vcd option, after that was encoded and burned I put it in my dvd player and I got the messafe "No Disc". Any suggestions???

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