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Thread: Magazine Scans

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    Found this all on Fsf forum.
    AvaxHome is a download site for just about everything (music, games, software, etc.), but offers a very impressive (and current) list of magazines. Readers come from all corners of the globe, which is reflected in the diversity of international magazine & languages. There’s no shortage of content, here - there’s nearly 1,500 different magazines added each month! TIP: Click the "Details" link on the right side to access the download links.
    FlmsDown is another all-in-one international release blog that carries nearly 4,000 different magazines dating back to March, 2007. With over 200 new mags added each month, there’s something for everyone. There’s a healthy mix of both new and old magazines being added all the time.
    For an eBook website, eBookee serves up a staggering amount of magazines! There’s over 16,700 current mag listings, most of which are accompanied with at least two different download links. Content is diverse, with many international issues available. TIP: At the very top of the magazines page, you’ll notice where it says, "Magazine eBooks Index:" - this is where the tags (categories) are for the mags. There’s even a comic book section that offers more than 2,200 releases.
    While Hotfilms is more of a download forum for just about everything imaginable (movies, software, music, games) - there’s also an impressive selection of eBooks and magazines to be had. If you’re just looking for a simple site to browse through various magazines, then Hotfilms isn’t for you: due to the sheer volume of freshly added content,
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    Thanks, helpful

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    great. many many thx~
    although my average download speed is 20Kb/s, there're lots of nice pics/magazines.
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    Wow 20 kb/s. That's pretty bad.
    See ya in another life, brother.

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    ^^^Hey, I just posted it. What site has slow speeds?

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    Very helpful pone. Thank you.

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    hello, could I ask which tracker has Maxim magazines?

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    Wow, thanks pone44 that is very helpful. I'll have to see if any of them has the "Consumer Reports" mag.
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    thanks, folks. this is very helpful.

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