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Thread: My full review of an OVH RPS purchased through

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    Hey all.
    A little over a month ago I rented an OVH RPS through a reseller,, after a full month i will now write a full review about it, hopefully it will be helpful to others in the future, at hopefully we will be seeing more reviews to help us.


    Server: RPS 1 (
    Processor Intel Celeron 2008 1.20 - 1.33 Ghz
    RAM 512 Mb DDR 2
    SAN disk space 10 GB standard (Upgraded to 30GB)
    Connection 100 Mbps/RPS
    Bandwidth 100 Mbps/RPS
    Traffic limit unlimited
    Fixed IP 1 address
    Price: 23 euros (17+ 6 for an extra 20 GB)
    OS: Ubuntu 8.04 desktop

    Website: 8/10
    Prices are good, they have a nice variety of services offered, looks professional enough, easy to open support tickets, many upgrading options are available, accept paypal and moneybookers, just launched "my server panel" which claim to be the only reseller that offer the option of a hard reboot.

    Customer Service: 8.5/10
    I would give them a 10/10 if the customer service was only more helpful.
    They are very nice and understanding, reply is extremly quick, usually within 3 hours, though I had a problem that took a while to resolve they were always touching base and doing what they can.

    Setup: 10/10
    I order the server at 7:00pm and got the information at 8:00pm that day, the email came with instructions and a guide.

    Speeds: 7/10
    Look lets be honest, unless you are in one of very few countries that you can purchase an OVH box from you you won't get 11MBS up/down.
    For what I paid I can't complain. DL speeds were always 11MBS but I limited them to 5 since i felt like it was affecting everything.
    Upload speeds were usually around 2-4MBS probably average on 2.5-3
    I did reach 10-11MBS for a very short time, and some torrents did upload on 5-6MBS steady for a while.

    Uptime: 6/10
    THe server had some serious issues the first week and half, uptime was terrible, it would'nt work for more than a few hours without falling. Once the issue was resolved the server had 100% uptime.

    Money for Value: 9/10
    For under 20 euros you can own your own box with root access, not a bad deal. You can pay a similar price and have a bit more HDD space but you will recieve only webui access and you will only be able to put a limited amount of torrrents, meanwhile your speeds will not be any better so if
    HDD space is not your priority it's a good choice.

    Reseller: 9/10
    I would use them again, set up was quick, customer service was quick and nice, always trying to help, their website is nice and up to date, they are still making improvements all the time to make it better. Pirces are good.
    The RPS1 costs 10 pounds on (the RPS i got was UK based) and they charge 17 euros, pretty good deal. I think they have online support through skype, and of course there is even support through FST
    Would use again.

    Overall: 7.5/10

    I got the seedbox after an hour, Ubtunu is very easy to set up and I did so, for a couple of hours it was working nicely, was getting 4-5MBS upload and then it fell for the first time. Opened a support ticket but closed it since it came back up after 30 minutes. A few hours later it fell again. This time it came back up after about an hour. After the firrst 3 days I had experienced crazy downtime, probably close to 40%, the server would not stay up for more than a few consecutive hours. After a few emails to support and a bunch of reboots they reset the server (everything was deleted and I strated from scratch).
    For another 10 days it was like this, server kept falling, OVH claimed there was nothing wrong with it, seedplace support kept on trying to change different settings but nothing seemed to work. Even the few hours that it did work, it would never upload on more than 100 KBS After I got fustrated and pissed I demanded a refund from OVH if they couldnt fix it, once again they said the server was working fine. A day and a half later it started working like nothing happened and from that day on it never fell again for a sec.
    Im not sure if it's relavent but i did limit the download speed to 6MBS and it seemed to help a great deal. I'm still not sure if it was a coincidence or the solution.
    Since then the speeds were good and solid, I almost never reached the 11 MBS and when I did it was for a short time, but all in all I was able to upload a few TB for a small price.
    Though I had root access at first I did everything through the NX clients, after a few days though i was never really able to connect through it again, it was always getting stuck which is not the way it should be but I was using webui which worked fine so I didn't bother trying to resolve that issue.
    All in all the box was very good and I am satisfied with the reseller and their customer service. There was a problem with the box for a week and a half, i don't think it's the resellers fault nor do I believe that this happens a lot/

    Pros- Good service, root access, sole user on your own box, easy to use, price, product for price
    Cons- speeds, lags a bit, RAM, downtime

    And I will finish this off with a picuture of the box on one of it's better days:

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    Wow, nice and thorough review, thanks for that.

    About the 11 MB/s speeds...not many resellers actually have that kind of speed and I didn't think seedplace was an exception.

    I got my box from a Kimsufi reseller, the download speed maxes out the connection @ 12 MB/s...but the upload speed barely reaches 7 MB/s burst and is usually around 2-3 MB...

    So yeah

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    This review is pretty much spot on, as I have the same RPS. Although I didn't suffer from that much downtime, I did once but it was handled quickly.

    The only drawback imo is the lack of HDD space. If you don't need much then it's a good deal, plus the HDD isn't housed on the server so read/write speeds can be a pain. As nbo stated you should limit your download speed (I set it to 6mb/s) to reduce lagging.

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    thats strange, i had a kimsui once maybe 6-8 months ago and i was usually uploading around 6-9 mbs, if youre saying its only 2-3 mbs than why is it any better than the rps?
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    OVH RPS are using iSCSI interface, therefore you should NOT expect any reasonable speeds depending on the torrent you run. I was getting 1.5MB/s for a couple of weeks, then it dropped to 700KB/s. And that was just for 1 single 700MB movie, albeit it was a public one so therefore probably much more random reads, hence the lower speeds.

    OVH's official position is the iSCSI is not designed for torrent use, and therefore the minimum flow rate of 1MB/s is not guaranteed. I complained once about it, and they checked and told me it was due to the torrenting.

    I'm sure you'll get much better speeds on torrents that fit into the RAM, and private sites where the read is much more linear, but because its iSCSI, you should never expect much.

    They are great for download though, but thats not the point

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    Thanks for review..

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    i have seed box from download speed&upload 11Mb/s.and not go under 11Mb/s

    and this is the last screen from my seed box,and by the way the traffic is unlimited i reach 4.67TB and the download speed& upload speed still 11Mb/s

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    That is the problem..
    Thanks for that info. very good review i must say.
    and i have the "Shared Start 1" and although it is a shared server i get full 100Mbit almost all the time. i am more then pleased with them !

    btw, does someone knows if the Shared Start 2 will give me much better seeding ability or the better cpu and RAM wont improve it that much?

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    waeldiab: wich package do you have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by extr3m3 View Post
    waeldiab: wich package do you have?
    sc 2000

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