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Thread: Medieval: Total War

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    I downloaded both files and burnt to cd and installed all fine but when im playing campaign (tutorial or full, never happens in battle mode) suddenly and randomly you get the fussing sound (exactly like the sound on your TV when there is no channel, black and white fussing screen) which goes for about 5 minutes and then stops and then might happen again in about 30 minutes or so.
    Don't have a clue why this happens but is well annoying and if anyone can help would be very appreciated.

    Im off now to the pub for a few light ales (maybe more than a few) and will check replies later tonight but probably tomorrow morning.

    Running Windows XP with latest directX and sound and video drivers.

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    now ur just scaring me . if u have the latest direct x, video and audio drivers, then that's just either A)fu*ked up or 2)something went wrong during burning or the files u dl are corrupt.

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    It could be a conflict with your sound card...

    Likely their forums will be of more help.

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    Cheers for both comments but i know if wasn't a corrupt download as i scanned the files with CDmage and all was fine, and didn't get any errors or anything while i was burning so hoping that went fine. Also now errors when installing the game.
    I have the latest drivers for sound and video and have also tried looking at the wav files within the games directory but no problems that i can see there, also tried the 1.1 patch but then the crack don't work so stumped at the moment.
    Have checked the other forum and doesn't seem to be anything to helpful there, but did try tinkering with sounds settings within the game to no avail.
    Don't thinkits a conflict with my sound card as works fine in everything else but will try some tinkering.
    Maybe looks like only option is either putting up with it or playing with no sound, oh well don't know.
    If anyone else has any suggestions would like to hear them.


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    it is a breech in THE MATRIX
    I have Mordens Audio Hack PLEZ stop emailing me


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