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Thread: Converting To Dvd Format

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    any body out there can suggest a solution.

    i can convert any divx. avi. to dvd using nerovision express, but when the film goes over 120 min. it screws it up i.e it almost gets to the end of the conversion then freezes. have to shut computer down and restart.
    when i look at the coverted file it is in dvd files format but one of the vob files is over 4 gig and the other is usally around 1 gig and the nothing will shrink the files, they all stop with error messages. there must be a salution.

    my kit is winxp 3000 cpu 512 mem. and lots of hard drive space.

    if anyone has a salution please explain fully

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    So you want to convert DivX/AVI/MPEG-4 to MPEG-2? In this article, it explains an alternative route to what you're attempting to accomplish, still using Nero.


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