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Thread: Im looking for a tracker for Wii games

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    im looking for a good private tracker that i can join that has a good selection of wii games, ive tried various public trackers which i get ok speeds from usually but all their wii torrents seem to be very slow

    Is there anyone here that can point me in the right direction and maybe if possible give me an inv to a decent one?

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    id suppose Ntorrents would be ok for u , since it is a dedicated nintendo tracker with a wii section.

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    ^ what he said.. i assume Ntorrents is the right tracker for you.. however, this isn't the place to request for invites. you have to wait until you can access the invites section.

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    ya i know about the request section yall know any that i could get onto now, they dont have to be specifically Nintendo related just something with decent speeds and some games.

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    TorrentLeech has Wii section, its a very good tracker.

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    i found a VERY good one thanks, im going to use i started one game and it almost instantly maxed out my speed

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    Well, BCG would also be very good, but you don't have a chance to get in atm.

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    Honestly get ntorrents or a bcg and you will never have a problem with speed or content.

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    Speed is overrated.
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    nTorrents, trust me.
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