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Thread: Strait Spitten

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    drop yo shit after mine if u wanna

    hey guys u seem empty//
    aint nobody droppin they shit, this is simply//
    the wrong time of day to wanna flow i guess cuz everyone gone//
    prolly at home blaze and token the bong//
    they need to get on here and drop bombs//
    constantly these fuckin ppl are always wantin something frome me//
    help tef, help tef help tef, shut the hell up, please//
    i dont wanna hear ya problems//
    i dont care if u lost ur guy, all i can do is drop him//
    i dont care about ur mom, about ur dad, about ur sad lil life//
    blah blah blah blah blah damn i just want my lyrics to slice//
    strait thro ppl//
    like a fuckin crack needle//
    like the one yall have in ya arms right now//
    cuz without it ya cant fuckin battle//
    i go strait , i dont need weed to rhyme//
    i dont need coke to climb//
    to the top of the ratings//
    be the center of all the hating//
    spitten disses to everybody//
    i dont care who it is, u dont like me fuck u//
    u down with him then fuck u too//

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    much better 2pac, cheers

    y'think it could still be sat. night where he is

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    than bro cheers B)

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    nice neat sig 2

    greens gettin popular round here


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