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Thread: Password reset doesnt work

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    I got the password reset e-mail as I haven't used the site since I've been in the hospital. Got the new password and it says account disabled?

    Have good standings on every private site I belong to, 2.0's and up.

    Tried to get on MIRC but haven't used it in forever and it wont connect. Any help from a staff member that post's here would be great! Thanks!

    My works fine but we all know it just isn't the same hehe


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    guess it was disable

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    I appreciate the incite, and yes it probably is. Hence me posting here on how to get it un-disabled as there are no support links whatsoever. I understand it is a very reputable site, and love it when I used it. Unfortunate accident put my in the hospital for 3.5 months and recovery of just as long. Really didn't have time to log in and participate. The Co-worker who sent me the invite is no longer a co-worker. So I figured I might find help here. Again any help/suggestions would be great, especially if you are a HDbits staffer or MOD, Thanks again!


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    I think you should have posted here:

    That's where you should get more staffers' attention.
    I'm back. The downside is that I'm also old now.


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