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Thread: Burning Vcd

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    why is it that if i am burning a VCD from an mpeg file that i've downloaded from kazaa that i need to encode it first? is it not already in the proper format just from the download? also if it needs to be encoded (i'm trying one using tmpgencoder) why does it take so long(plays the whole movie in real time)?

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    downloaded file mybe mpeg but to make a VCD u need to have mpeg1 and thats what encoding does, it converts mpeg into mpeg1 (just a theory, i might be wrong, and if i am wrong could any1 correct me)

    why it takes time? it only takes about half an hour on my computer, i think the time depands on ur computer, is ur computer old?

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    if its an mpeg, then in nero, just click "ignore standard compliance and continue" and it should work.

    ill try to explain why this happens:

    if you encode in tmpegenc, you can alter all the different framerates and aspect ratios in order to optimise the file size/quality.

    if you want a "compliant" vcd, then you use the vcd template exactly, without changing anything.

    if you want the film to fit on one disc, then lower bitrates etc till it fits - the file isnt then a "compliant" vcd, and nero comes up with errors...its still probably an mpeg-1 (or 2 for an svcd) but it just has optimised rates

    hope this helps
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    I used 2 use tmpeg, loads probs&#33; now i use mainconcept mpeg encoder. will covert avi&#39;s to mpeg1, mpeg2, dvd etc. I downloaded my version from kazaa ( with the keygen ) and it works great&#33; to burn i use nero 5, no probs burning there either. tried nero 6, but couldnt get that to work at all&#33;

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    mpeg1 = VCD
    mpeg2 = SVCD

    Try burning it as a VCD.


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