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Thread: Free IPv6 News Servers

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    I didnt write this only amended a few things.
    Thought this would be a good thing for people who want to try it before buying a premium provider with bigger retention.

    Finding free usenet servers is no problem, finding servers that allow and provide binaries newsgroups is very difficult indeed. At least it was. This is because a lot of servers where you normally would need a paid subscription are now testing for the new IPv6 protocol. Now who do you think is needed to do these tests? That’s right! We are! Now before we get started let’s set some things straight:

    • In this post you will find information on IPv6, tunnels, free usenet servers who work with IPv6 and the information on how to configurate these servers in GrabIt, Newsleech, AltBinz or any other usenet downloading software
    • You will not find information on free binaries usenet servers using IPv4, for that look here
    • Using usenet you will be able to download movies, games and software with the speed of your internet connection (max 20 mbits) for free, if you do not know anything about this but you are interested in using this great free service you should first learn some basics here, you will find everything you’ll need to know over there

    What is IPv6?

    Internet protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is the continuator of Internet protocol Version 4 (IPv4). It has been developed because of the restrictions and as a remedy for shortcomings of IPv4. Shortage to available IP-nummers provides an enormous problem for IPv4: there are 4 billion IPv4-addresses available and roughly speaking in 2022, all available addresses would be in use. Because of this a new structure is necessary, so that the unused address ranges can again be used. IPv4 has 4 × 109 addresses, whereas IPv6 has space for 3,4 × 1038 addresses. For each earthling there are approximately 50,000 quadriljoen IPv6-addresses available.
    Beside a large address range IPv6 offers some other improvements:

    • Better routing and network-autoconfiguration
    • NAT is not needed anymore
    • Data security on IP-level
    • Support for mobile nodes

    Free IPv6 servers that are available at the moment:

    Port: 119
    Connections: 20
    Speed: 20mbit
    username: none
    Pass: none
    retention: 107 days

    Port: 119
    Connections: 3
    Speed: 150 kb/s
    username: geen
    Pass: geen
    retention: 18 days

    Tunnel Providers:

    There are probably more reliable tunnel providers than listed, but I will explain how to use the following servers:

    Hurricane how-to:
    This works for XP system (SP3) with newsleecher and with Grabit (both only tested with eweka IPv6)
    choose in advance which leecher you will be using (Grabit and Altbinz are free)
    Download and install your preferred usenet software and add new servers using the following configuration:
    Server adress:, postage: 1119, server nickname: ipv6 Eweka, connections: 4 (10 gives me a maximum speed of 1200kbit/s ), priority: 1
    server address:, postage: 1118, server nickname: ipv6 Newszilla6, connections: 3, prio: 1

    • Go to: and register (top left)
    • fills out your data and if you don’t want to fill out your real personal data in: churchstreet in ukraine also works :p ( however be sure to use a correct mail address as you will need it later on)
    • You’ll soon receive a confirmation e-mail
    • Login at the Hurrican website.
    • Later on you will need you current IP-address, this can be found at:
    • only copy the IP address and click ” Create regular Tunnel” (top left at and paste your IP address in the box which is given and click the server who is near you. After hitting submit you should see “O.K.: Your tunnel has been allocated”
    • next click tunnel details, where we will be seeing the information we will need in the next few steps
    • Choose your operating system and click “show config”
    • copy the lines you see and paste them in a new file using notepad
    • add the following lines to the file:

    netsh interface portproxy add v4tov6 listenport=1119 connectport=119
    netsh interface portproxy add v4tov6 listenport=1118 connectport=119
    netsh interface portproxy
    add v4tov6 listenport=1120 connectport=119

    • and then add the following lines depending on your software and installation location:

    cd C:\Program Files\NewsLeecher\

    cd C:\Program Files\Grabit\

    • save this file as IPv6tunnel.bat in the folder IPv6tunnel on C:\ disk
    • double-click on the .bat file you just created and newsleecher (or other software you choose and filled out in .bat file) is started.
    • Grab an .nzb file and start downloading!
    • remember to start your software using the .bat file everytime you want to use this method!


    How do I find out IPv6 is working for me?
    Go to and find out
    When trying to install IPv6 via: “Open a cmd.exe window –> Type: “netsh interface ipv6 install” and press enter” I get the following error: “0×800704b8 installation error”.
    In command prompt (start>execute>cmd) type the following and hit enter:
    esentutl /g %windir%/security/Database/secedit.sdb

    you’ll receive this reply “database is not up-to-date”

    then type (and hit enter):
    esentutl /r %windir%/security/Database/secedit.sdb
    you’ll receive this reply “Operation terminated with error -1003 (JET_errInvalidParamater, Invalid API paramater)
    then type (and hit enter):
    esentutl /p %windir%/security/Database/secedit.sdb

    Now you’ll see a lot of text and IPv6 install should work without the error above.
    My Command prompt immediately closes?
    instead of using (start>execute>cmd) use (start>execute>cmd/k)
    Other tips & tricks:
    make sure your windows firewall is disabled.
    All servers will work in the Netherlands for sure and most of them will work in most big european countries: Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Norway, Finland, Sweden, UK and Turkey. I don’t know for other countries, but it will probably also work. If so, please let me know in the comments!
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    Well you can start at the IPv6 portal and use Freenet as you IPv6 server.

    and then use SABnzbd to use IPv6 no bullshit setup.

    Here's a guide I wrote for another forum.

    This is written entirely by me, no copy and paste, except the quoted parts :loll:. So bear with me.

    What Are Newsgroups?

    Usenet newsgroups have existed for quite a while and were originally meant as a place for discussions using text messages. The name of the Usenet newsgroup shows the subject discussed in that specific group. However, Usenet newsgroups can also be used for posting binaries (a general term for encoded data, like programs or music), which has become much more popular with the introduction of broadband connections to the Internet. You can recognize a binary Usenet newsgroup by the word binaries in the name of the group, for example alt.binaries.freeware.

    What is a NZB?

    NZB files are one of the latest developments on Usenet to make downloading a lot easier. Normally you have to download all headers from a news group which can take a lot of time. Another possibility would be to perform a XPAT search but this causes a heavy load on the news server, especially with large posts.

    But using a NZB file has a great advantage: downloading posts without updating headers or performing a XPAT search!

    Just download a NZB file, import it in your favorite news reader and start downloading.

    To understand how NZB files work, I will first explain something about posts on Usenet.

    Every file on Usenet is split up into many separate parts. These parts are called articles
    and are combined again to one file by your newsreader after downloading. Each article has
    a unique number, the so called message ID. With this number your newsreader knows exactly
    which file to download, because there is only one file with the same number.

    A NZB file is a collection of message ID’s of the files the NZB has been made for. These
    message ID’s are combined in a text file with the extension .nzb. I you have this .nzb
    file, import it in your newsreader and start downloading at once.

    What are good newsgroups providers?

    Giganews (Pay for service)

    Astraweb (Pay for service)

    Notes: if your in college Newsdemon I believe offers it for free.

    All of these providers have a great TRIAL system, and you can use Credit Card or PayPal

    What are PAR's and how to I repair thenm?
    PAR version 2.0 (PAR2) is the more efficient successor of PAR (PAR1). You can use PAR2 to check whether your downloaded files were received completely and correctly and you can repair any missing or corrupt files if necessary! PAR2 divides a RAR set into 'blocks' so that the downloader can see how many blocks are missing. After that he can download that number of PAR2 blocks for reparation.

    QuickPar Homepage

    QuckPar Tutorial


    You will need to travel to

    When you visit go6 you will know if you need to download a client or not, it will say "You are using IPxx from:"

    If your using IPv4, then you will need to grab the client.

    Next go ahead and signup, you will get a free account and a server to use. (

    Click applications, downloads, and pick you Installer of Gateway6 Client, there are many to choose from. I picked Gateway6 6.0-BETA4.

    Install the client, and depeding on your network you have it will isntall another network connection called 'local area connection 2' or something similar. As you can see in my screenshots I've decided to re-name my connection to IPv6.

    YOU must enable ICS for this to work
    To enable ICS on a network connection:

    In Control Panel, double-click Network and Dial-Up Connections.

    Right-click the connection you want to share, and then click Properties.

    Click the Sharing tab, and then click to select the Enable Internet Connection Sharing for this connection check box.

    If the connection you are sharing is a Dial-up connection and you want the connection to dial automatically when another computer on your home network attempts to use external resources, click to select the Enable on-demand dialing check box.

    NOTE: To enable ICS in Windows, you must have administrative rights.

    IMPORTANT: You should not use this feature on a computer running DNS server or DHCP server or a Windows domain controller. When you enable ICS, the network adapter connected to the home or small office network is given a new static IP address configuration. Existing TCP/IP connections on the CS computer are lost and need to be re-established.
    I have a wirless pci card and a ethernet card. I have to share my Wirelss card with the Tunnel that we just created when we install the Gateway6 client. (I think this would hold true if you have and ethernet card you connect to the internet with, just share your ethernet card with the tunnel.)

    Right click on you internet connection, click Advanced: and you should see this:

    Tick, Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection. And Then select the Hexago Virtual Tunnel connection.

    (leave unticked 'allow other network users to control or disable the share internet connetion'.)

    Cick OK, and you might have to reboot your computer, but I would do it just to be safe.

    After reboot, we need to start the Gateway6 Client Utility.

    Now will have to fill in the appropiate information, from the email you got from Connect using the following credentials: Username Password and the server you got from the email.

    Now click connect: It will take a minute or two to connect.

    Click status after connect and you should see some info.

    Travel back to and you should see: "You are using IPv6 from: xxxx:xxx:xxx:x::xxx"

    Go here: If the turtle is flaping it's wings you are TRULY on IPv6.

    If you can't connect you might have to change your tunnel setup in the advanced tab in the Gateway 6 client. Now, since we have IPv6 and the tunnel setup, onto the NZB client, SABnzbd.

    It runs in Firefox (I've seen it can run in Opera and IE, but I've not tested it)


    Grab it and instal it.

    Start the client and Firefox will open, you might need change ports also.

    SABnzbd needs a free tcp/ip port for its internal web server.
    Port 8080 on localhost was tried , but it is not available.
    Some other software uses the port or SABnzbd is already running.

    Please restart SABnzbd with a different port number.

    Press Startkey+R and type the line (example):
    "C:\Program Files\SABnzbd\SABnzbd.exe" --server localhost:8081

    If you get this error message again, please try a different number.

    Program did not start!
    If this is the case above navigate to: C:\Documents and Settings\user of computer\Local Settings\Application Data\sabnzbd

    Open, sabnzbd.ini and change to the port to whatever you have free or whatever you like.

    I change mine from 8080 to 8081.

    (SABnzbd I found out if you close your browser you will need to Ctrl+Alt+Delete to stop it)

    And yes there are GUI's available for SAB on the homepage and in the forums, but alas, I can't figure out how to get them to work.

    After re-starting SAB with the new ports, you should now see this:

    So as you can see we need to change a few things. Click Config. You can do a multitude of things in here, change themes, set up passwords, change download directorys, add TV show sorting, and most important add those IPv6 servers.

    Click servers, now these are the 2 free IPv6 servers, just add them and the host and choose how many connection you want, I choose 2. Enter 1 at a time:

    I used one as a backup, but you use both at the same time and pick how many connections you want.

    After we've done all that we can grab some NZB's, remember these 2 servers only have a retention of 100 days.

    I've uploaded a few for the community...

    As you can see, you can add the URL or NZB to SAB, and if you already running SAB it will auto grab the NZB when you
    select it from a webpage.

    Click browse for the NZB and then click add. And then check queue and see the files that you are downloading.

    You file will download to the preset/or the one you said directory...

    Comments welcome, and if you need I can re-clarify my guide, this is a rough guide and should at least get you started.

    If you want just a free news server and don't want to use the IPv6 then heres:

    You can use SABnzbd, or NewsBin Pro (I use this for Giganews), or Newsleecher or GrabIt (freeware) or any other client you prefer.
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    hey great guide sonsofliberty.

    1 correction though.
    newsdemon doesnt offer free news service to college students.
    its faculty/staff only.

    thx for the infos



    im following your steps here, but im stuck at the internet connection sharing step
    i right clicked on my internet NIC (connection)
    and went to advanced.
    then ticked "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection."

    problem is, i have no dropdown box like you do where i can select the Hexago Virtual Tunnel connection (ipv6) adapter.

    wtf ?
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    Read more here

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    Oh, I knew I seen free and college, didn't see that, thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by ericab View Post
    hey great guide sonsofliberty.

    1 correction though.
    newsdemon doesnt offer free news service to college students.
    its faculty/staff only.

    thx for the infos



    im following your steps here, but im stuck at the internet connection sharing step
    i right clicked on my internet NIC (connection)
    and went to advanced.
    then ticked "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection."

    problem is, i have no dropdown box like you do where i can select the Hexago Virtual Tunnel connection (ipv6) adapter.

    wtf ?
    I think that might have to do with that I have 3 cards, Wireless, NIC and Virtual Tunnel.

    After that it should be shared...I think, if not post back.

    Note, my guide hasn't proved effect for me yet, it's had varying results. But free is free
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    Nice guude SonsOfLiberty. I'm assuming once I get all this going on Windows, I'll actually be able to do my downloading in Linux?

    And I wonder how long they're going to keep these servers open for free.

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    Haven't tested it with Linux, and maybe you have a few years with IPv6, not much though.

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    is this just as safe as using a provider?

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    Very interesting, thanks very much.

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    @executioner, you could give me credits and at least post link to my blog article...

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