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Thread: I Think I May Have Bin Hacked

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    How do every 1, here is my problem

    I was on DC++ ( getting sum horror movies ) i was chatting away on DC, whensum 1 started typing using my username and stuff,

    then this guy came on ( who i think hacked me ) talking about a hacking patch called Rainbow or sumthing like that...

    so i just want 2 know is there any software out there that can tell if i have crazy hacking pacthes on my machine or any thing like that

    i wud b gr8 ful 4 any advice or help

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    If you are using a good firewall (sygate Por or something) then all I know is to run trojan remover with an updated database.
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    If you don't have a antitrojan go here for online check

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    A decent firewall like Agnitum Outpost Firewall will block trojan horses etc., but do a virus-scan to remove those not detected with a firewall.


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