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Thread: Verified Downloads Again " Sorry "

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    I have been searching the k-lite forum for around an hour now but i have still not found any upto date info on verified downloads so please dont slate me.

    I know verified downloads is difficult to connect near on impossible i have been trying for weeks with no luck.

    Does anyone know whats being done to rectify the problem if anything
    I know previously they were debating whether to charge a membership
    surely if they did this they would get the funds for a new server.

    i and others would gladly pay a membership fee if it meant we could

    has anyone actually managed to connect recently and not recieved the
    "two many connections " message and if you have how on earth did you do it

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    Go to my site ,i have a great list with sites for verified files.

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    Who needs verified downloads with all those links


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    Must be magic - since posting this download iv'e got onto verified for the first time in weeks


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