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Thread: Dvd+r Or Dvd-r?

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    I've just bought myself a new DVD-/+RW (compatible with both + and - R/RW's) and I'm wondering which is the best type of DVD media to buy. This is just asking for your personal opinions and preference more than anything else. I'll go for the one that the most people found the best for results as the cost is nearly the same so that isn't an issue.


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    In my opinion, you made a good choice with your burner.. but
    what do you mean by DVD media... do you mean the blank DVD's? Software? Will you be using it to burn movies from here?, etc.
    I'm not sure. If it's blank DVD's, you can use either DVD-'s or DVD+'s. The
    DVD-'s are less expensive and they do come in larger packages. For a pack
    of 25 blank DVD-'s they're about $50.00 here on the East Coast USA. Not the
    rewritable kind though which are more expensive and usually are sold "singly" or in packages of three. Same goes for the DVD+'s but they don't seem to sell them
    in packages of more than 3 even the kind that are not rewritable, at least not where I usually shop at... "Staples",
    "Circuit City", etc. It also depends on what you are using them for... I also
    posted here that I&#39;ve been having problems burning<<read my post here..
    "DVD Burner to TV/DVD player". No one has replied yet to mine. I&#39;m having
    problems playing them on my TV DVD PLAYER. If you just want to watch movies, etc.
    on your computer... than whichever you use is fine. You can use both DVD-or
    DVD+. On the other hand... if you also want to watch them on your TV/DVD player, you may run into the same problem I&#39;m having. So I suggest that
    any type of burning software that you might buy to use with your burner, etc is compatible not only
    with your burner, but also with your TV/DVD player that you can find listed
    within their site(s). You can download "free" trial versions from different burning software programs etc. to find out which ones are compatible with your burner and player... and If this is the reason why I&#39;m having problems... you might
    also avoid going through what I&#39;m going through now.

    If it&#39;s about software (encoding, converting, etc.) What I use is Roxio EZ CD/DVD
    Creator 6 for burning movies and being able to play them SOMETIMES (if you read my post also here) on my TV/DVD player. I also have "Power Producer" which
    is easier to use but seems to burn worse for some reason. I believe they&#39;re also
    tools HERE at Kazaa that you can also use and probably are either free or trial
    versions connected to other companies. You can download these free trial versions to find what works better for you. I didn&#39;t really look through them myself, which I probably should have... so check them out first.

    As with what you are using them for... A DVD+RW burner can burn/play using
    virtually any type of blank CD.. whether it&#39;s a CD-, CD+, DVD- or DVD+ ("R"&#39;s or
    "RW&#39;s" but NOT DVD "RAMS") It can play/Record Music, Movies... etc. So you have a broad choice.

    I&#39;m a "noob" here, but hopefully I helped somewhat B)

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    The simple answer is DVD- is more common, and 80% of all DVD players can read it. And therefor cheaper (right?)
    DVD+ is just as good but the chance is that some DVD players can&#39;t read the discs.

    That&#39;s all...

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    DVD+R for data backups, since +R is technically superior.

    For movies try one +R, to see if your DVD player reads it. Otherwise use -R for movies.

    Currently prices are about the same for + and -

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    True Rock*.* ... but he already bought it... and probably installed it. Too bad he didn&#39;t come here first... which is something I should have done too... oh well, live and learn and then get "luvs", huh.

    And yes... as with most females... I have a tendancy to blllaaahhhbb&#33;&#33;&#33; You should
    hear my phone messages&#33; They&#39;re endlessss..... &#33;&#33;&#33;


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