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Thread: Lookin for a shared seedbox!!!

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    Luking for a shared luks good bt anybdy have used it ?? hw is it ?? or thre is any othr good offrs available ??
    can afford 10euros p.m

    Actually Im new in thse thngs...and Im using Win Vista so cn i use seedbox on it ?? whts the first step i do aftr buying seedbox ???

    thx in advance....
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    A shared seedbox will simply have a frontend webui. This means that you'll get posted a website/ip address which you'll paste into your browser, you'll then log in using your own unique details and upload torrents through this website.

    What you're thinking of is a dedicated server, this gives you complete control over the server, navigating it like it's a computer sitting in front of you. You can install whatever you like and set it up to your own needs. However no server provider will offer Vista as an operating system.

    If you do get a dedicated server, make sure to have a decent AV, decent bittorent client (uTorrent is my choice) and set it up accordingly.

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    hmm bt i cn only afford 10euros...any good deals...??

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    The best i found was I've got their basic plan and its great. However they have closed signups for a while due to new hardware. But keep checking back and they should be open soon.

  5. BitTorrent   -   #5 u tell me whts thre offers ?? r they cheap ??

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    I'm currently on 10GB disk space, 100mbit line, 5 torrents. There are a good few other offers but i can't remember what they are off the top of my head.

    The main distinguishing feature is that they only put 2 people on each 100mbit line. This means the webui is very responsive and the speeds are awesome. They also run their own servers, i.e. not OVH sellers, meaning you get great quality.

    They also run on wtorrent which looks awesome.
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    thts gr8...thn i thnk i shuld w8 for the proseedbox

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    check this
    Sbox1 "18 euro"

    we can share it if y have
    pm me if ok with you


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